Thursday, September 25, 2008

What are your strengths?

In our OMTL book today, Kerry Shook talks about going with your strengths. He says "Our greatest potential lies in the areas of our greatest strengths." Sometimes we strive so hard to overcome our weaknesses. We work so hard on the areas that we are not gifted in. We try so hard to be well rounded and be good at everything, but that is not how God created us. He made us who we are for a purpose. He gave us our gifts and talents to use for His glory. We all have gifts and talents, but no one has all the gifts. No one is good at everything, and that's ok. God made us this way so that we would have to depend on each other. That is what the body of Christ is all about. The body of Christ is not one person who is good at everything, but lots of people who are each good at a few unique things who come together as one body so the job gets done. Our greatest potential in life and in the body of Christ is realized when each of us finds what we are gifted at and develops that gift.

So the question is what areas are you gifted in? What are your strengths? Are you working in the area of your strengths, or are you spending all your time trying to make up for your weaknesses?

Let's do the little exercise on page 125.

Make a list of your strengths-everything you can think of. Make them as specific and concrete as possible. Provide examples if they tend to be general. If you are having a hard time thinking of your strengths, ask someone who knows you well. They will be able to help you make the list.

Now go back to your list, and beside each one write how much time this past week you devoted to using or improving that gift.

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