Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 (not so) random things about me

1. I love my God! I don't know how to explain where I am right now in my relationship with Him, except to say that I am in a state of refreshing. A place where all I want to do is to walk and talk with Him in a very intimate way. For instance - one time in the car my girls ask me "mom who are you talking to?"

2. I love my husband! What a guy! Yes he has his faults and he is not perfect - sorry honey - you're not! But I love him with all that is within me. I feel like we truly are a match made in Heaven - hehehe!

3. I love my babies! They are growing up too fast. Brylea goes to school next year and that makes me sad, maybe its time for another one? But maybe not. :) Addison is my drama queen - they keep it so FUN between the two of them! They are best friends and worst enemies! Mama loves you!!

4. I love my family! I wish they could come to visit me every week. I am extremey close to my mama and daddy. They are amazing people. My sisters are wonderful and two of my best friends. My brother just always wants to beat me up so...I love him with everything for making me so tough.:) I wish I could see my new niece - Riley, she is beautiful in the pictures I've seen. I have the best parents in love ( in-laws) EVER!! and the greatest sister Krista & brother Shawn even though they have not contributed to me being an aunt yet:) And all the other family that I dont really get to see - but I love so dearly.

5. I love Lifegate Church! Chad drug me to Burleson kicking and screaming... J/K! and it has been amazing to see what God has done since He gave us the dream to plant a church in this area. Thank you God for your promises.

6. I love the people at Lifegate Church! They are not only friends, but they are now family!

7. I love having friendships that have been around for 15 years. Friends I can go see in Midland and those that live here now. I love building new friendships with those people that are in my life in Burleson.

8. My favorite tv show is LOST, oh and American Idol, oh and Smallville, oh and One Tree Hill, oh and... so many more. I LOVE TiVO. The best invention EVER!! :)

9. I love to watch Disney movies and cartoons. I would rent a Disney movie for the girls just so I could watch it. Chad always laughs at me :(

10. One more thing - talking about procratination - I didnt do my '06 taxes until Oct '07. I sent them in the very last day that I could without being penalized.

Let us know 10 (not so) random things about you!!! Amber

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Pump Dude (Kurt M. Richter) said...

1. I love to polka
2. I'm vice-president of the local Crocheting club
3. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias
4. I've seen Pastor Chad in his boxers (okay, so he was wearing them as shorts but it sounds much more interesting when we leave that part out)!
5. I dream about being in a Broadway musical
6. I'm the most boring person I know
7. I feel sorry for Adam since Eve ate them out of house and home
8. I only seem normal until you get to know me
9. I'm like a slinky - not really good for anything except giving you a smile when you push me down a flight of stairs
10. I was able to get my wife to stop harassing me about the toilet seat by simply using the sink!

Okay, so only number 4 is true. Numbers 6, 8 & 9 are open to public opinion.