Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something Bigger

In John 11 we read the story of Lazarus. It's an incredible story. Lazarus was dead for 4 days and Jesus calls out his name and he comes back to life. That's pretty awesome, but I've always struggled with this one part of the story.

The Bible says that Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick but still he stayed where He was for 2 more days before going to Judea where Lazarus was. I have found myself thinking kind of like Martha did, "Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died."

Have you ever felt like that before in your life. God if you would have just showed up a little sooner things would have worked our alot better. If you wouldn't have taken so long I wouldn't have lost my job, or my friend wouldn't have cancer, or I wouldn't have gone through that painful divorce.

I was thinking about this. The Bible says in John 11: 5 Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus, so why did he not come sooner? Maybe it was because he had something bigger planned. He wanted to do something even greater than what they wanted Him to do. Mary and Martha wanted Jesus to heal Lazarus, but Jesus wanted to raise Lazarus from the dead and prove Himself once and for all. He wanted to erase all doubt about His power.

Sometimes God doesn't do what we thought or wanted Him to do because He wants to do something even better! Our job is just to trust Him. Even when it seems like all hope is lost, that it's just too late, we need to remember it's never to late for God, and maybe He is plannering something bigger for us.


Rhettro said...

I needed this blog more than you know.

Pump Dude (Kurt M. Richter) said...

Amen, brother.
Whether we admit it or not, our finite view of the world around is simply too limited to view things the way God does. Speaking from experience, it's extremely difficult to see sometimes what God might have in store for me to learn or how I might be able to benefit from a dire situation where I want to say "Where are you, God?"
The one thing I always try to remember is that my begging, pleading, weeping and tantrums won't affect God's will - He never rushes through things and He's never late or slow. It might seem like He's pinned the world against me at times (which I sometimes deserve), but I can always take comfort in simply knowing that He's the One in control. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen; but only in His timing and for His glory - not my own.