Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here we Go!!!

Well, we've never been bloggers before. Have friends that do it and love it - and we love to read their blogs but never the ones to actually have one ourselves. So I guess this is the best time to start :) Our names are... Amber and Chad Benson. We have two wonderful girls named Brylea, who turned five in March and will start school this year and Addison, who is 3. I get to keep her around another year. This mom is not doing so good with the idea that her baby is going to school. I will be crying I'm sure, on the day I have to leave her there at a school without me. She ofcourse, will be EXCITED!! I do have a whole summer before she has to go, but I know that will fly by. The whole school thing scares me because I know that as soon as they start school, life all kinda goes by in a blur. And the homework...all the homework that even kindergarners have :) The school Brylea will attend just implemented uniforms for the '08 - '09 school year. I have some qualms about uniforms - they are ugly and get really boring. However, this also means that I won't have to fight with Brylea about WHAT TO WEAR! :)

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stephanie davis said...

Yay!!!!!! glad to see you are blogging! Keep it up!!